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Saturday, July 15, 2023

List of Available Audi ECU and TCU for Both Diesel and Petrol

AUDI ECU and TCU List of Both Diesel and Petrol

Both ECUs and TCUs are critical for controlling and managing a vehicle's engine and transmission systems. Engine Control Units (ECUs) are a form of electronic control unit that manages a series of actuators within an internal combustion engine to ensure optimal engine performance. The manufacturers you mentioned, such as Bosch, Siemens/Continental, and Delphi, are all well-known ECU producers.

Transmission Control Units (TCUs) control automatic transmissions in vehicles. They receive data from sensors to adjust the timing of gear shifts, the operation of the torque converter, and other aspects of the transmission system. The manufacturers you mentioned, including Temic, Bosch, Siemens/Continental, and Aisin, are all prominent TCU manufacturers.

The alphanumeric codes (like EDC16U1, MED17.1.1, DQ250, etc.) are specific models of ECUs and TCUs. These control units are usually specific to a certain make, model, or range of vehicles and their associated engines or transmissions.


ECU Bosch Diesel EDC16U1

ECU Bosch Diesel MD1CP004

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC16U31

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC17C64

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC17CP54

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC17CP14

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC17CP20

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC17CP44

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC17CP04

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC17C46

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC17CP24

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC16U34

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC17C74

TCU Temic Both DQ250 FXX

ECU Bosch Diesel MD1CP014

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC16CP34

TCU Temic Both DQ250 CXX

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC15V

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC15P

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC15VM

TCU Temic Both DQ250 MQB

TCU Temic Both DQ250 EXX

TCU Bosch Both AL551

TCU Bosch Both AL552 (8HP GEN1)

TCU Bosch Both DQ500

TCU Bosch Both DQ500 MQB

TCU Siemens / Continental Both DQ500

TCU Bosch Both DQ381

TCU Bosch Both DQ380

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC16C4

TCU Temic Both 6HP GS19

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC15C4

TCU Temic Both DQ200 MQB

TCU Temic Both DQ200

ECU Siemens/continental Diesel PCR2.1

TCU Temic Both DL501 GEN1

TCU Temic Both DL501 GEN2

TCU Temic Both DL382

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS18.X

ECU Bosch Petrol MG1CS008

ECU Delphi Diesel DCM6.2V

ECU Bosch Petrol MG1CS002

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS8.3

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS8.2

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS8.1

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS8.4

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS10.1X

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS11.1X

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS8.5

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS16.X

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.1.21

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS19.6

ECU Bosch Petrol MG1CS001

ECU Siemens/continental Diesel PPD1.X

ECU Bosch Petrol MG1CS111

ECU Bosch Petrol MG1CS011

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.1.6

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.1.63

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.1.65

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.1.61

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.5.21

ECU Bosch Petrol ME7.5

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.1.62

ECU Bosch Petrol ME7.1

ECU Bosch Petrol ME7.1.1

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.1.1

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.1.27

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.1.1

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.5.53

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.1.1

ECU Bosch Petrol ME7.1

ECU Bosch Petrol ME7.1.1

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.5

ECU Bosch Petrol ME7.1.1

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.5.2

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.1.1

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.1.1

ECU Bosch Petrol MED9.1

ECU Bosch Petrol MED9.1.5

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.5.1

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.5.25

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.5.20

ECU Bosch Petrol MED17.5.5

ECU Bosch Petrol MED9.1.3

ECU Bosch Petrol MED9.1.2

ECU Bosch Petrol MED9.5.10

ECU Bosch Petrol MED9.1.1

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS19.3

TCU Aisin Both AQ250

TCU Aisin Both AL750

TCU Aisin Both AL1000

ECU Bosch Diesel EDC16U1

TCU Bosch Both DQ381 GEN2

TCU Aisin Both AQ450

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS19.8

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS19.7

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS19.2

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS10.2X

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS12

ECU Siemens/continental Petrol SIMOS15

ECUs like those in the SIMOS series are essentially the "brain" of the engine. They control a multitude of engine parameters to ensure optimal performance, fuel economy, and emissions. The SIMOS series, in particular, is used widely in Volkswagen Group vehicles (including brands like Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, and Škoda), though they can be found in other vehicles as well.

Here is a basic definition of the Siemens/Continental SIMOS ECUs you've listed based on the general characteristics of the series:

SIMOS19.7: This is a model of Siemens/Continental's SIMOS series of ECUs. Like other SIMOS ECUs, it is used to manage engine functions in certain petrol (gasoline) vehicles. The specific capabilities and applications of this ECU model can vary.

SIMOS19.2: This is another model of the SIMOS series, designed to optimize engine performance, fuel economy, and emissions in petrol vehicles.

SIMOS10.2X: Another model in the SIMOS series. The "10.2X" suggests it could be a variant of the SIMOS10 series. Variants are typically created for engines with different specifications or requirements.

SIMOS12: This is likely an older model within the SIMOS series of ECUs, designed to control and optimize engine functions in petrol vehicles.

SIMOS15: Like the other ECUs listed, SIMOS15 is designed to control engine functions in petrol vehicles. Its specific features and applications would depend on the particular engine and vehicle it's used in.

Please note that for specific technical details, compatibility, and application information, it would be best to refer to the manufacturer's technical documentation or contact Siemens/Continental directly. 

Siemens/Continental SIMOS19.8 Engine Control Unit (ECU) and its Role in Vehicle Performance

The Siemens/Continental SIMOS19.8 is a specific model of Engine Control Unit (ECU) used in petrol (gasoline) vehicles. The Siemens/Continental SIMOS family of ECUs is commonly used in various models of vehicles, particularly those produced by Volkswagen Group, which includes brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and SEAT.

ECUs like the SIMOS19.8 have the critical job of controlling the engine's operations. They manage numerous parameters, such as fuel injection timing and quantity, ignition timing, turbocharger control, and many others. They receive data from various sensors throughout the vehicle, process this data, and adjust the engine's operations accordingly to optimize performance, emissions, and fuel economy.

However, Siemens/Continental's ECUs are generally highly reliable and have powerful processing capabilities. They are often used in vehicles that have direct injection and turbocharging, as these technologies require precise control.

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